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RISE for Youth Coalition Principles

We believe the current juvenile justice system’s use of large juvenile prisons does not make our communities safer or rehabilitate our youth, and the current system does not use best practices to put youth on a path toward law-abiding lives.

We believe the juvenile justice system should prioritize the individual therapeutic treatment needs of youth rather than rely on methods that increase the likelihood of future crime and incarceration

We believe a continuum of evidence-informed community services for youth will improve the lives of children and the safety of all citizens of the Commonwealth.

We believe the juvenile justice system should strive to keep youth at home with their families with appropriate services and supports, and youth should only be removed from home as a last resort. When youth are removed, the system should keep them as close to their families and support network as possible.

We believe the juvenile justice system should be transparent and actively engage youth, families, victims, and community supporters in the development of a plan grounded in rehabilitation and restorative justice.

We believe that a transparent system with sustained community engagement, input and oversight will result in a juvenile justice system that reduces disparate treatment of all marginalized youth populations while increasing public safety.

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